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Lingopie Spanish Review

Determine whether LingoPie is the right app for you to learn Spanish

Lucía Jiménez
Lucía Jiménez
International Language Expert & Tutor
Lucía is based in Madrid, Spain and is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian. She has over 10 years of experience tutoring international students in all three languages, both in-person and online. Her learning philosophy is rooted in ditching books and getting in-depth conversational practice.

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Although more traditional-based Spanish apps like Duolingo or Babbel are more popular, video-based platforms like Lingopie have been slowly graining ground within the marketplace. In this article, we discuss the major pros and cons of using Lingopie to learn Spanish.

LingoPie Language App


  • Multiple Subscription Options
  • Free 7-Day Trial
Our Score
  • Affordable subscription plans (less than $10 per month)
  • Fun and entertaining way to learn Spanish (tv shows and movies)
  • Impressive video library
  • Detailed grammar explanations
  • Interactive flashcards boost material retention
  • No clear-cut lesson plan or curriculum
  • Not the ideal Spanish program for newcomers

How The Lingopie Spanish Program Works

The short story is that Lingopie is a video-on-demand platform that utilizes real tv shows and movies to help you learn Spanish, and when you really boil it down, this learning method revolves around immersion and contextual-based learning.

Instead of traditional classroom-style instruction or boring flashcard style lessons like you get with other Spanish apps, Lingopie uses authentic, real-world content (i.e. TV shows and movies) to expose learners to natural language usage in context. This approach aims to mimic the way native speakers learn Spanish by surrounding you with authentic conversations, cultural nuances, and common, everyday language.

Lingopie Spanish video
A look inside the Lingopie platform

Essentially, by watching and listening to shows and movies with subtitles and the various other interactive features that Lingopie offers, users can improve their listening comprehension, vocabulary, and understanding of grammar in a more engaging and natural way.

Plus, by merging binge-watching with learning, you’ll likely stick with it longer than other Spanish language apps since you’re having fun and doing something that you actually find entertaining.

Reasons To Use Lingopie To Learn Spanish

With that background, let’s discuss the pros and cons of using Lingopie to learn Spanish, first starting with the positives.

Fun, Enjoyable Learning Method

LingoPie is a just flat-out fun and enjoyable way to learn Spanish. It’s much more engaging and amusing than traditional Spanish apps like Duolingo or Pimsleur, for example.

I say that for two reasons. The first of which is probably pretty obvious by this point, and that’s the fact that most people out there would rather watch a tv show or movie than read a textbook or click through flashcard style lessons (I know I would).

Then second, Lingopie’s video library is first-rate. The company offers premium tv shows and movies that you would likely want to watch anyways. I’m talking about titles like Who Killed Sara and Sky Rojo, for example.

Lingopie Spanish dashboard
The Lingopie video library

I mean this is content you can find on Netflix for crying out loud. Needless to say, if you are a visual learner, or you would simply rather watch tv shows and movies than complete more traditional-style Spanish lessons, then LingoPie should be right up your alley from a learning perspective.

Affordable Subscription Plans

I was pleasntly surprised by how affordable Lingopie’s subscription options are considering the high quality nature of their content library.

The company offers three different options: a three-month plan for $36, an annual plan for $144, and a lifetime subscription for $199.

Keep in mind though, the prices above are the MSRPs, and that’s noteworthy because Lingopie almost always is running some sort of deal or special promotion. For example, the company’s annual plan is usually discounted down to $72 (or $6 per month)

For the record, those prices are cheaper than Babbel, Pimsleur, or Rosetta Stone.

Plus, Lingopie’s subscriptions include access to all languages, not just Spanish, which is a significant bonus if you plan on learning multiple languages.

Helpful Features & Tools

There are numerous helpful and practical features within the Lingopie platform that augment the learning experience beyond just subtitles.

First, there’s a loop setting that allows you to easily repeat a scene until you grasp the dialogue, which is particularly useful during fast-paced segments.

Then building on that, Lingopie also offers control over playback speed, which is extremely beneficial, especially for beginners. I’m fluent in Spanish, and I was frequently adjusting the speed based on the show or movie I was watching and the characters’ speaking pace.

Lingopie Spanish flashcards
Practice your Spanish pronunciation with Lingopie

Then finally, you can pause the show or movie at any time to participate yourself by repeating the character’s last sentence, and what’s cool is that Lingopie uses speech recognition technology to evaluate and rate your Spanish pronunciation on a scale from 1 to 100. That way, you can get some verbal practice alongside listening and reading to really round out your Spanish language skills.

Spanish Grammar Coach

LingoPie excels when it comes to grammar instruction for a few different reasons.

First, Lingopie color-codes subtitles, with nouns in blue, verbs in pink, adjectives in green, and so on. This not only makes it easier to identify and understand the role of each word in a sentence, but by associating specific colors with different parts of speech or grammatical concepts, it also helps with memory retention.

Second, when you can click on any word within the subtitle, Lingopie immediately displays its definition, including whether it’s singular/plural, masculine/feminine, etc. This definitely helps when you are confused or come across a word that you’ve never seen before.

Then lastly, but most importantly in my opinion, is Lingopie’s grammar coach tool. How it works is when click on the light bulb symbol below the video screen, Lingopie provides a detailed explanation of why a character said a particular word, and the grammar rules behind the statement.

Lingopie Spanish grammar
Detailed grammar explanations and insights

For example, if you click the light bulb for a sentence containing the phrase “Perdóname, no te escucho muy bien, mi vida”, the grammar coach explains the difference between direct and indirect object pronouns, and how the term “mi vida” is a term of endearment that can mean “my dear” in English, although it technically translates to “my life”.

In other words, Lingopie’s grammar coach not only provides detailed explanations of grammar rules and usage, but it also demonstrates how grammar rules are applied in real-life situations. Overall, I give Lingopie two big thumbs up when it comes to understanding Spanish grammar.

Interactive Flashcards

Lastly, I like that Lingopie automatically creates flashcards for you to review in between shows and movies. How it works is that as you watch a show or movie and read the subtitles, if you encounter a word or phrase you don’t understand and you click on it for more details, Lingopie automatically generates a flashcard for you to review later.

Lingopie Spanish drills
Example flashcard from Lingopie

To be clear, these are not your typical flashcards with one word on each side. No, these are interactive, video-based flashcards that use the exact clip from the show or movie where the word or phrase was spoken, which in my opinion, really helps with recall.

Whenever you can associate a face or scene with a word, it enhances retention and helps in using the word in the correct context.

The Downsides Of Using Lingopie To Learn Spanish

Now that we’ve touched on the positives, let’s turn the tables, and discuss some of the cons of using Lingopie to learn Spanish.

Incorrect Subtitles

The first downside is that Lingopie’s subtitles are not always 100% accurate. Sometimes, when you click on a word, it shows the literal definition, even if it differs from how the word or phrase was used in the context of the TV show or movie.

For instance, let’s consider the word “date”. Lingopie might refer to the fruit, when the character was actually saying “Would you like to go on a date”. Now obviously, these kinds of errors are to be expected, and they are very far and few between, but when it does happen, it can hinder the learning process.

No Set Lesson Plan

The next con is that with Lingopie, there is no clear-cut study plan or lesson progression like you get with Babbel or Rocket Spanish, for example. You’re more so on your own, which is obviously not ideal, especially during the early stages of language acquisition.

Personally, I think having a set lesson plan provides a clear structure and sequence for learning, which helps you understand what to focus on, and how to progress systematically. It also ensures that you build upon your knowledge and skills gradually, reinforcing what you have learned before moving on to more complex concepts.

All in all, I just wish Lingopie would provide some sort of roadmap for learning Spanish, as opposed to just sort of throwing you into the deep end.

Not Ideal For Newcomers

Lastly, this relates back to my previous point, but I do not think Lingopie is the ideal Spanish program for newcomers, especially those who easily get frustrated. This is because the program lacks a structured, organized curriculum that gradually builds your language skills.

Yes, I’m aware that Lingopie allows you to filter shows and movies by difficulty level (basic, moderate, or expert), but it can still be challenging for newcomers. The dialogue in the shows and movies progress quickly, and the language used by the characters is often complex.

At the end of the day, I would recommend Lingopie for people who have at least a basic foundation or understanding of the Spanish language.

Verdict: Is Lingopie Good For Learning Spanish?

After testing and reviewing the Lingopie Spanish program, I think the answer is largely yes.

While I do have a few complaints like the lack of a structured lesson plan or curriculum, for example, the pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion.

The Lingopie video library is filled with premium tv shows and movies, and there are a ton of supplemental tools to aid in the learning process like a grammar coach, and video-based flashcards. Also, let’s not forget that the LingoPie subscription plans are super affordable.

All in all, I think Lingopie is an extremely effective option for learning Spanish, especially if you already possess a baseline knowledge of the language.

How much is Lingopie Spanish?

Lingopie offers two different monthly subscription options ranging in price from $6 to $12 per month. Alternatively, you can always purchase a lifetime subscription for around $200.

What Spanish shows are on Lingopie?

Lingopie offers hundreds of Spanish tv shows for its users, including content from Netflix. Some popular tv shows include Money Heist, The Snow Girl, and Locked Up.

Does Lingopie work for learning Spanish?

Yes, Lingopie absolutely works for learning Spanish. The company offers a multitude of features and tools to help you understand and speak the Spanish language.

Is Lingopie Spanish worth it?

Yes, for less than $10 per month, I think Lingopie is worth the money. It is an extremely effective app for learning Spanish.

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