Guide2Fluency is a language resource organization operated by a coalition of friends and colleagues. After recognizing our group’s language expertise and the value we could offer readers, we decided to launch Guide2Fluency in an effort to help others achieve their goal of learning a second (or sometimes fifth!) language. Our goal is to provide informative and helpful editorial content to help our audience find an easier and more enjoyable path to language fluency.

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A wealth of trustworthy information, Guide2Fluency answers the most common questions related to language learning. This not only includes insights and tips about how to learn more effectively and set yourself up for success, but also includes product-specific coverage related to language learning apps and online language classes.

While other language websites provide only surface level information, we get into the nitty gritty of language learning issues and provide actionable tips and deep analysis to help you learn more efficiently and effectively. This is what truly separates Guide2Fluency from others, and makes us the most authoritative and trustworthy source for language learning information on the internet.

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The path to becoming fluent in a new language is not easy, especially as an adult. We strive to make the process easier to navigate with a clear roadmap for our readers.

The Team

Mathias Johansen
Mathias Johansen

Mathias is the founder of Guide2Fluency, and is located in New York City. Originally born in Norway and now living in the US, Mathias has also lived in Germany, France and the UK. He is fluent in four languages and holds a Certificate in Intercultural Communication. Language is Mathias’ passion, and he founded Guide2Fluency with the aim of helping everyone become bilingual.

Thomas Schroeder
Thomas Schroeder

Tom is based in Munich, Germany, and is fluent in German, English, and French, all at a level of C1 or higher. As an international salesperson, Tom frequently travels Western Europe and uses all three languages regularly. While traveling, Tom keeps up on his learning with various language apps.

Lucía Jiménez
Lucía Jiménez

Lucía is based in Madrid, Spain and is fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian. She has over 10 years of experience tutoring international students in all three languages, both in-person and online. Her learning philosophy is rooted in ditching books and getting in-depth conversational practice.