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Lingopie vs FluentU

Detailed comparison of the language programs from FluentU and Lingopie

Mathias Johansen
Mathias Johansen
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Although the language programs from FluentU and Lingopie may seem similar on the surface, there are actually a few important differences that you should be aware of prior to purchasing. In this article, we highlight those differences so you can pick the language learning app that best fits your goals and budget.

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Often referred to as the “Netflix of language learning”, Lingopie offers a premium video library and a multitude of helpful tools and resources to help you learn a new language.

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FluentU is similar to Lingopie in that their curriculum is built around video content, but ultimately their language programs fall short.

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LingoPie Language App


  • Multiple Subscription Options
  • Free 7-Day Trial
Our Score
  • More affordable than FluentU
  • Entertaining way to learn a new language (premium tv shows and movies)
  • Detailed grammar explanations
  • Accurate speech recognition technology
  • Video-based flashcards help the material stick
  • No structured lesson plan
  • Not ideal for newcomers

Why Lingopie Is Better Than FluentU

To kick things off, let’s first discuss how the Lingopie program works, and what their strengths are in comparison to FluentU.

How Lingopie Works

Lingopie is a video-on-demand platform that leverages real TV shows and movies to facilitate learning a new language. Unlike traditional classroom instruction or mundane flashcard-based lessons found in other apps such as Duolingo, Lingopie focuses on immersion and contextual learning.

By using authentic, real-world content like TV shows and movies, Lingopie exposes learners to natural language usage in context. This approach mirrors how native speakers learn, immersing you in genuine conversations, cultural subtleties, and everyday language.

Lingopie Italian clip
A look inside the Lingopie program

Through watching and listening to shows and movies with subtitles and other interactive features, users can enhance their listening comprehension, vocabulary, and grasp of grammar in a more engaging and natural manner.

Moreover, by blending learning with binge-watching, Lingopie promotes long-term engagement. Users are likely to stay committed because they’re enjoying themselves and engaging in an activity they find entertaining.

Lingopie Is More Affordable

LingoPie provides three subscription plans: three months for $36, 12 months for $72, and a lifetime plan for $199. In contrast, FluentU offers two subscription options: a month-to-month plan for $30 or an annual plan for around $145.

In terms of pricing, LingoPie is the more economical choice. Opting for LingoPie could save you anywhere from $2 to $24 per month.

It’s worth noting that the prices mentioned are after applying standard discounts. Both companies frequently offer sales and special promotions, so it’s advisable to check for promo codes and discounts before making a purchase.

More Attractive Video Content

LingoPie’s content stands out as superior and more engaging. The platform features real TV shows and movies, offering a diverse range of entertainment.

In contrast, FluentU mainly offers old music videos, commercials, movie trailers, and cartoons, creating a somewhat random assortment of YouTube videos.

The Lingopie video library

LingoPie’s content library includes popular titles like Narcos and Stranger Things, which are shows and movies people would typically watch in their free time.

Therefore, purely in terms of content, LingoPie’s offerings are hard to beat.

Unique Features And Tools

LingoPie offers advanced features and tools to enhance the learning experience.

Both companies provide subtitles in English and the target language, with detailed word or phrase definitions and analysis upon clicking or hovering over them.

However, LingoPie goes further by automatically creating interactive video-based flashcards when you click on a word or phrase in the subtitles. These flashcards include the scene from the show or movie, aiding in recall and retention.

lingopie flashcard
Example flashcard from Lingopie

Additionally, LingoPie offers a loop setting to replay scenes until you understand them, along with playback speed adjustment, which is beneficial for beginners.

In summary, LingoPie provides a wealth of tools that empower users to tailor their learning process to their preferences.

Grammar Instruction

LingoPie excels in grammar with three key components:

First, the program color-codes subtitles to help learners identify and understand different grammatical elements. For example, adjectives are green, adverbs are red, nouns are blue, and so on.

Detailed grammar explanations

Second, similar to FluentU, clicking on any word in the subtitles provides a detailed explanation, including its gender, number, and other relevant details.

Lastly, LingoPie offers a personal grammar coach. By clicking the lightbulb icon below the video screen, learners can access a detailed explanation of the grammar rules used in the sentence or phrase, displayed along the right-hand column of the video screen.

In conclusion, LingoPie clearly outshines FluentU in the realm of grammar (similar to Rocket Spanish).

Speaking Practice

FluentU does not offer any verbal practice. It focuses on watching, listening, and reading activities, which also means it lacks speech recognition technology.

On the other hand, LingoPie allows you to click the microphone button below the video screen at any time to repeat the last sentence spoken in the show or movie you are watching.

The standout feature is LingoPie’s proprietary speech recognition technology, which listens to and evaluates your pronunciation on a scale from 1 to 100, similar to Duolingo or Rocket Spanish.

Modern Digital Interface

The user interface and dashboard of LingoPie resembles Netflix or Prime Video, offering a modern and sleek design. In contrast, FluentU’s digital platform appears dated.

Although both platforms provide a straightforward and intuitive user experience, comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. Overall, LingoPie’s digital platform and mobile app are more modern and visually appealing.

fluentu languages


  • 10 Languages
  • Money Back Guarantee
Our Score
  • Diverse content library with thousands of videos
  • Short, engaging lessons
  • Create your own flashcards for quick review sessions
  • Custom quizzes to hammer home material
  • More expensive than Lingopie
  • Limited grammar explanations
  • No speech recognition software for pronunciation feedback

Why FluentU Is Better Than Lingopie

Now that you have a good understanding of what Lingopie has to offer, let’s flip the script and discuss how FluentU works, and what their strengths are in relation to Lingopie.

Deeper Content Library

While LingoPie provides more engaging content with actual TV shows and movies, our team considers FluentU the winner in terms of the breadth of video content.

fluentu video
Example video from FluentU

FluentU offers a wider selection, including short two-minute clips and longer documentary-style videos. Moreover, FluentU’s video library is more diverse, featuring music videos, cartoons, recipe videos, how-to guides, and more. This variety makes it easier to find videos on topics that truly interest you.

In essence, FluentU excels in volume and breadth of content. For the record, Memrise offers video content as well.

Helpful Content Filters

FluentU provides a range of filters to help you quickly discover videos that match your learning level and preferences, enhancing the convenience of finding engaging content.

A look inside the FluentU program

In contrast, LingoPie’s filters are more basic and lack the detailed options available in FluentU.

Longer Trial Period

FluentU provides a 14-day free trial period, while LingoPie offers only seven days. This longer trial period allows you to thoroughly test the FluentU program before making a commitment, whether you’re interested in learning Spanish, Italian, German, or any other language they offer.

Verdict: Which Language Program Is Better?

From my perspective, LingoPie is the clear winner between these two companies. They excel in pricing, content, grammar instruction, verbal practice, and more, outperforming FluentU in every significant category.

If you’re dedicated to learning a new language, LingoPie is undoubtedly the superior choice. Our entire team was impressed with the LingoPie program and believes the company excels in nearly every aspect. It’s challenging to find many drawbacks with LingoPie.

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How do Lingopie and FluentU compare?

The key differences between Lingopie and FluentU lie in their content, features, and user experience. Lingopie offers more entertaining content with real TV shows and movies, along with advanced features like interactive flashcards and speech recognition, while FluentU provides a broader selection of video content, diverse filters for personalized learning, and a longer free trial period.

Which language learning app is better – FluentU or Lingopie?

Lingopie stands out as a superior choice for language learning due to its engaging and authentic content, which includes real TV shows and movies. Additionally, Lingopie offers advanced features like interactive flashcards and speech recognition, enhancing the learning experience compared to FluentU.

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